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'Massage is knot just a luxury, you knead it!'

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"Pain Relief with out a prescription"

  Investing in massage is an investment in your health. Do you experience a lot of stress?  Is your life filled with activities, career, family and friends? Are you involved in a fitness program? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you probably experience some form of physical discomfort -- be it muscle aches and pain, fatigue or even tension headaches. RELAX we have good news...Massage can help!! Therapeutic massage combines the power of sensitive touch with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology to become a valuable tool in relieving the psychological and physical suffering of stress and pain. In the case of the pain-spasm-pain cycle where pain is intensified because of ischemia, skillfully applied massage therapy is very effective in breaking the cycle, relieving the pain and restoring mobility. Our goal is to provide a focused, personalized massage that specifically prioritizes YOUR particular needs and concerns. We have helped clients with low-back pain, neck pain, golfers elbow, tennis elbow and headaches.

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 Prices are for mobile service direct to you:

  • 60min therapeutic session $80
  • 90min therapeutic session $100

Additional upgrades to any massage:

  • 30min Cupping Therapy $30
  • 15min additional Foot massage & reflexology with  Foot Miracle $15


  "I had my first table massage with John Lawrence. I was slightly nervous since it was my first time but John quickly put me at ease. He was extremely professional and considerate. I have sensitive skin issues and he was very accommodating. The massage was so relaxing and unbelievably amazing. John has obviously spent time perfecting his mad skills. I highly recommend him and will continue using him as my personal massage therapist."  SEPTEMBER


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     Wellness is an amazingly simple concept in which you take personal responsibility for your state of health. It is a preventive plan wherein you make an effort to recognize conditions, situations and practices that may be threatening or detrimental to your health and take steps to change or eliminate them in order to live a more healthful life. Wellness involves taking an active role in being healthy and adopting easy-to-follow practices that enhance health such as: massage, nutrition, exercise, balance between work and play, a positive mental and spiritual attitude. Wellness also means reducing health risks and eliminating practices that add stressful dangers to our lifestyles. Its never been easier to take advantage of the proven health benefits of massage, introducing:

 All Star Massage Therapy's wellness packages:

  • Premium Deal - You'll get 1 90min session FREE when you buy a 4 90min session package for just $400

     (That's a SAVINGS of $100)

  • Superior Deal -You'll get 1 60min session FREE when you buy a 4 60min session package for just $320

     (That's a SAVINGS of $80)


  At Las Vegas Mobile All Star Massage Therapy we understand some people prefer the soft flute notes, while others prefer the rhythms of the piano or simple sounds of nature. We feel it's important to offer a variety of music options in order to provide a customized personal massage experience. We only use the highest quality linens, creams and oils. Massage is a natural approach to better health - "Change the way you feel". 

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